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Mapping Trinidad's Amerindian History


What is Finding Iere

Finding Iere is a documentary series that aims to uncover how Amerindian history shapes Trinidad today, and dispel the myth that our Amerindian history ended with the European discovery of the island in 1498.  

The project will comprise a 4-5 episode web series, as well as short form and BTS content, and a map of the island, highlighting key locations from Amerindian History.  

Why make Finding Iere

In school I learned that before European contact, Iere “the land of the hummingbird” was inhabited by peaceful Arawaks and warlike Caribs, but both of these groups were quickly decimated by the Spanish.  

None of this story is true Iere does not mean land of the hummingbird, Trinidad was inhabited by a complex network of indigenous groups, and Amerindians lived alongside Europeans colonisers for hundreds of years after contact.  

The true story of our Amerindian history is far more interesting than the myth I grew up with, and it Deserves to be told.   


Series Overview

Each episode in the series will focus on a specific location/group of locations, but will also focus on a specific timeframe, starting from the pre contact era, and moving into the modern day.

With this in mind, early episodes will focus on areas like the pitch lake and the artifacts found there, while later episodes will focus on the network of benching trails over the northern range, and the Santa Rosa First People’s community. 

Project Status

Finding Iere is in pre production, with filming due to start in April 2023.

About the director:

My name is Chas Sheppard. I am a sound engineer and videographer, and I have been producing recorded content in the live music space for over 10 years.

For enquiries about this documentary please get in touch through my socials, or the contact form on my website's main page.

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